Virtual Sportsbook

Betsy Games Virtual Sportsbook provides your bettors with computer-generated sports events that not only combine traditional sports and fantasy sports but also imitate real-life sports games.

Virtual players encounter a variety of race types, competitors, and match-ups. The content in virtual sports is generated from 2 resources:

  • real people who play live games
  • software that is set to follow certain rules.

That’s why we categorize this type of game between sports and casino games.


We provide 24/7
live content within:

  • eFootball
  • eFootball Bots
  • eBasketball
  • eBasketball Bots
  • eHockey
  • Rocket League Bots
  • eTennis Bots

The main features
of our Virtual Sportsbook:

  • 65000+ events per month
  • 24/7 flow of ready-to-bet engaging events, significant to cover downtime periods in traditional sportbooks
  • real people are involved in the most competitions and the gameplay is watched live
  • high velocity gaming experience
  • wide range of betting options
  • easy localisation.
The content has been proving exceptional profitability during the Covid-19 period.

No setup fees or any other hidden costs!


back office

Control everything from one place:

  • manage player accounts and free bets
  • gather information about players and bets
  • monitor reports and statistics.

back-office back-office back-office

risk management

We keep your margin safe:

  • 27/7/365 anti-fraud monitoring
  • powerful limit system
  • manual and automatic user segmentation
  • in-depth analysis of gaming strategies
  • multiple account protection
  • identification of potentially suspicious behavior

No setup fees or any other hidden costs!